Christmas 2003


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This is a picture of our house, just a little before sundown.   Neeter, Amy and I put up the decorations around the first week of December..

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This is a picture of the mantle.  Neeter put lights around some green stuff and hung it on the hooks I had installed (all by myself, and with no tools involved).  If you squint, you can see our "manger" decoration above the two stockings on the right side.

Tree1.jpg (150844 bytes)

This is our Christmas tree, with some of the presents underneath.   I picked up the tree (with Lingg's help) the day after Neeter and I picked it out  in Garden City and carted it home.  I ended up cutting about 10 inches off the bottom of the tree so that it wouldn't hit the ceiling.  I put the white blinking lights on the inside of the tree, and then put the multi-colored lights on the outside.  I tried taking a picture of the tree without the flash, but I couldn't get the damn flash turned off.

Tree2.jpg (105219 bytes)

This is a close-up of the Santa decoration atop the tree.  Neeter and Amy picked it up at Sam's Club in Salina.  We all thought it was awesome and put it on the tree.  Neeter and Amy have a tradition of buying each other an ornament every year that has some special meaning.  We waited until the next week for Amy to get home to put those decorations on the tree.


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