March 9th

Golfing in Taupo


Annita, Robert, Viv, Roberto, and I went and played golf on this day.  We didn’t rent a golf cart, we used pull carts and got some exercise.  Annita and Viv played by themselves, and Robert, Roberto, and I went as another group.  This was the first time in my year and a half playing golf that I actually kept score, and I was playing against a couple of guys with a 20 to 22 handicap, so I didn’t even think about taking pictures until we were done.  I did take a couple of pictures from the clubhouse, but that was all.

Annita and I compared scores upon completion, Annita shot a 63 on the front nine while I shot a 70.  But I rebounded nicely and shot a 57 on the back nine and Annita shot a 64.  For all you math experts out there, we both shot an identical 127.  After dragging a cart full of clubs around for 18 holes, I was shot……AND sunburned!!!!  We called it a day.


Pictures from the day

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