March 4th

The Family Reunion


We bounced out of bed fairly early and began cleaning the garage in preparation for the family reunion that was going to be held that night.  Again, the weather wasn’t all that great and rained most of the day.  We really didn’t leave the house and do a lot of things, but I was able to meet a lot of Neeter’s family then.

Neeter was very good at introducing me to people initially, but then she started to slip a little.  Someone new would show up and she would just start chatting with them.  After a couple of minutes, I’d just step forward, stick out my hand, and say, “I’m James, Annita’s current husband.”  Some of you might not be aware, but this is her third marriage, and I couldn’t resist giving her a hard time about it again.  I later started adding, “I thought I’d come over and meet the family before she kicked me to the curb.”  I was a big hit.


There are some pictures from the day, but unless you're family, they might bore you.

Pictures from the day

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