He swung us around and got our picture taken, then spun around and off down the river.  I was pleasantly surprised the first time we did a 360.  It was like the nose of the boat planted, and the back end of the boat pivoted around it.  It was SO cool.  We were going with the wind, and I might have gotten a little spray but that was it.  When we got down to the spillway, our driver gave us a very good explanation of everything that was going on, and then had a question and answer period.  We took up back up the river and did another 360.  This time, we were against the wind, and a wave of water came over the top of us.  I could feel the water seeping between the velcro spots of the poncho.  He took us right back up towards the dock and took us into the entrance of where the geothermal water comes out into the river.

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