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Here are some of my favorite sites on the net.


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The BEST radio show on the airwaves.  Requires the FLASH multimedia plug in.

With a membership, you can listen to any radio broadcast from the last 6 weeks!!!!



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This guy is more than "a little strange!"

I believe that this also requires the FLASH multimedia plug-in (link above).


NASCAR.jpg (36777 bytes), what could be better?


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This is a local track where I've been running (semi-regularly).


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This is a website that specializes in HOT Louisiana food!!!!


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This is another website that I "happened upon" while in Louisiana.  I use two of the spices from this website whenever I cook hamburgers (every other weekend for D&D) or steaks.  There is a variety of other spices here also.


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Take a WILD guess where this leads......


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Another FLASH based website that has interesting games......Try playing "Who'd You Rather" or "Whoose Boobs!!!"


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This site was sent in by an old class mate of mine (HELLO CLAY!!) whose parents own Cat House Recreation.  Their cow pasture golf course (Dinosaur Dunes) is listed on their website.


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This is a VERY good Urban Legends research page.  It has the true story on such recent e-mail "hoaxes" as "The Big Bear Story," "Quran (9:11)," and many others, as well as recent e-mail jokes such as the "Can you Raed Tihs" and the "Carnation Milk Slogan" joke along with the "Duck's Quack Doesn't Echo" e-mail.  The article that made me feel the best is here, but only because I have small feet, small hands, and a small nose!!!!!



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